Coleman Raised Quickbed Queen Air Bed

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Coleman Comfort Double Height Queen Airbed

Double the height for double the comfort, this airbed adds a touch of luxury and a more home-like feel at the campsite, keeping you raised high off the camp ground.

Extra-wide dimensions, a comfortable coil structure for firm support and the Airtight® system with an extra durable PVC compound offer both a secure, leak-free mattress and peace-of-mind for a more relaxing night’s sleep.

The PVC is also Phthalate-free, therefore, environmentally unfriendly plasticizers have been removed to ensure that this bed is not only kinder to the environment but it is kinder to you too.

•Phthalate free for a kinder, more environmentally friendly airbed.
•Double height airbed with large dimensions, providing comfort for 2 people.
•The height of 47cm is the perfect seated height, so it is easy to get on and off.
•Coils structure (x35coils) – The internal coil structure provides support.
•Airtight® system: featuring the Coleman® Double Lock valve.
•Thick, puncture resistant PVC is extremely durable.
•PVC thickness: 0.4mm (bottom) and 0.6mm on top (flocked). The 0.6mm thick PVC on the top of the airbed creates a strong airbed that holds up to 270kg.
•The flocked surface provides comfort.
•Wrap’N’Roll feature allows for easy packaging and storage. You just need to roll up the deflated airbed and secure it in the integrated carry bag with handle.
•Repair kit included.
•Dimensions: 213 x 168 x 47 cm
•Weight: 7.25 kg

More about Coleman Airbeds

Coleman now has a range of Phthalate free airbeds.

Phthalates are chemical additives used as plasticizers to turn PVC (polyvinyl chloride) from hard plastic into flexible plastic. These additives can leach or migrate out of the vinyl products.

Phthalates are easily released into the environment because there is no bond between the phthalates and plastics. As plastics age and break down, the release of phthalates accelerates. Uses of Phthalates include softeners of plastics, oily substances in perfumes, additives to hairsprays, lubricants, wood finishers, fishing lures, nail polish, adhesives, caulk and paint pigments.

Completely leaving out plasticizers is not possible. Without them, PVC is brittle and snaps. With Phthalate Free, the chemical additive (plasticizer) used to make plastic flexible has a lower migration rate as well as a lower toxicological profile.

Hexamoll® DINCH is now used as the plasticizer – it has an extremely low migration rate and no odour. It has the highest eco-efficiency in a comparison of the top five non-phthalate plasticizers on the market today.

With the REACH directive, Phthalate Free airbeds should soon become mandatory (with drastic constraints on some phthalate). REACH is a new European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use. It deals with the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances.

The aim of REACH is to improve the protection of human health and the environment through the better and earlier identification of the intrinsic properties of chemical substances.

Airbed Structure:

The internal coil structure provides support, comfort and firmness. The “coils” are tubes of PVC that create internal upright supports, they are heat welded to the top and the bottom of the airbed and form columns of support across the entire airbed.

Airtight® system:

A guarantee to provide a leak-free airbed.

•Features include the Coleman® Double Lock valve, an advanced valve with 2 sealing points to lock in air; the yellow inner seal visibly shows when the valve is closed.

•The thick, puncture resistant PVC is extremely durable.

•The flocked surface provides comfort. An adhesive is applied to the PVC and then passed through a machine where fibres are distributed and adhere to the PVC.

• Dual air chamber is featured on some Coleman double airbeds; it allows each user to define their own level of firmness through the use of 2 separate chambers with independent valves. As each user is on their individual chamber, roll-together and movement is minimised.

Airbed Tests:

•100% inflation

◦Every single airbed is inflated prior to leaving our factory to check for any leaks

•Tearing strength
◦The PVC is torn via a machine which tests its resistance

•Puncture resistance
◦A probe slowly penetrates the PVC, the force and distance to pierce the PVC is measured in Newton.

•Usage test
◦A heavy roll system is positioned on the top of an inflated airbed and is rolled from one end to the other, this is continued for a certain number or cycles.

•Maximum weight allowed  - 3 tests are performed to ensure weight resistance:

◦Static – the weight is set on the bed for a set period of time

◦Set-a-load – the weight is cycled on and off for a certain number of cycles

◦Drop test – the weight is dropped from approximately 15cm for a set number of cycles.

•Double chamber: Specific Pressure test
◦The airbed is measured with nobody on the bed and then the pressure with motion (a person lying on the bed) is measured. The result shows that the bed with the dual comfort chamber has less motion felt by each sleeper.

•AZO free
◦AZO dyes are considered chemical carcinogens, the airbed materials are AZO free.

There is the option to add a Coleman Quickpump 12v airpump which Coleman and we highly recommend

Tech Specs

  • Model: 205080
  • Shipping Weight: 8kilos
  • 7 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Coleman

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